At MPG Group, our talented landscape architects work both as prime consultants and as members in design and construction teams. Our range of services is defined by landscape design in its widest sense.


Landscape architecture at MPG Group involves the design of landscapes at a variety of scales—from large, multi-functional sites to small, intimate spaces. Innovative research into materials, lifestyles and landscape technologies coupled with a deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces informs our unique design process. Our landscape architecture design services include but not limited to:

Parks and Recreation 公园及市政开放绿地
Community Design 居住景观设计
Commercial Design 商业景观设计
Office Complex 办公景观设计
Resort Hotels 酒店景观设计
Transportation 交通枢纽景观设计
Campus Planning and Landscape Design 校园规划及景观设计
Developer Guidelines 地产景观标准化及研发


Global pressures on land require increasingly complex master planning solutions to create and maintain sustainable urban environments. Landscape design is a crucial element of this process. We work within multi-disciplinary teams to create strong public realm networks, ranging from city-wide projects restoring degraded landscapes to infrastructure projects for new cities.


At MPG Group, we are committed to improving and revitalizing the urban context and environment of our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. The influence that proper urban planning and design strategies can have on the built environment leads to the goal of resilient, socially equitable, and healthy cities. Through extensive research and an effective practice, we aim to develop a keen understanding and contextual identity of an individual community's aesthetic quality and its economic opportunity and potential. This extensive approach leads to developing functional narratives, holistic guidelines, and practical strategies that control and advance the urban context into viable and sustainable working solutions.
Working collectively with your community, our MPG Group team is dedicated to help re-envision and revitalize your urban context, making your environments more safe, livable, and of greater value. Our approach in visionary and interactive; it casts a broad perspective and considers the historical, social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors together to produce effective results. We actively plan for tomorrow's community through innovative strategies of analysis, design, and community engagement.