At MPG Group, ourtalented landscape architects work both as lead consultants and as members ofdesign and construction teams. Our range of services is defined by landscapedesign in its widest sense.


Global pressures on land require increasingly complex masterplanning solutionsto create and maintain sustainable urban environments. Landscape design is acrucial element of this process. We work within multi-disciplinary teams tocreate strong public realm networks, ranging from city-wide projects restoringdegraded landscapes to infrastructure projects for new cities.


Stage 0 Strategic definition – We are rarely asked to create a specific endproduct; more often we help clients explore what is possible. Sometimes thisinvolves addressing problems or issues, sometimes it involves definingaspirations.

Stage 1 Preparation andbrief – When first commissioned, we work with our client to explore theproject’s opportunities and constraints. This typically involves visiting andphotographing the site, identifying surveys and additional consultants whichmay be required. We present this work in a strategic brief for our client.

Stage 2 Concept design –We develop our vision for the project, putting forward ideas and testing themagainst constraints. We prepare a report, plans, sections, elevations and 3Dviews and renders and present this work to our client for approval. Ifrequired, we prepare feasibility studies for the cultural programming and commercialplanning of public landscapes.

Stage 3 Developed design– We develop the concept in enough detail to apply for planning permission.This involves defining the extent of hard and soft landscaping, making materialchoices and specifying planting. We coordinate sub-consultants to preparedrawings for specialist aspects such as irrigation, water features andlighting.

Stage 4 Technical design– We detail all landscape features to be able to tender a project. Thisincludes detailed specifications and assistance with cost plans and budgets.Depending on the project, we collaborate with soil specialists, horticulturalexperts, lighting designers and fountain feature consultants. We coordinateconstruction and procurement strategies with the client.

Stage 5 Construction –The construction contract is awarded to enable the project to move onto site.On smaller landscape projects we often act as contract administrators. Onlarger projects this work is usually carried out by a project manager whocoordinates the various disciplines.

Stage 6 Handover andclose out – We hold meetings with the client to ensure the landscape isperforming well and a system is in place for ongoing regular landscapemaintenance.

Stage 7 In use – Within ayear of completion and hand-over, we visit the site to identify and ensure thecontractors make good any defects or plant failures.